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« Only those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who can actually do. »

Henry Dunant, first Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of the Red Cross

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Intrapreneur of 21

Minutis | Better coordination of emergency operations

Gérard Leymarie | Intrapreneur, volunteer and rescuer of the French Red Cross in Val-de-Marne

Following the attacks that took place on November 13, 2015 in Paris, a team of rescuers from the French Red Cross participating in the response system realised that they were facing a lack of information directly impacting the efficiency and the security of its operation. Such a lack of information concerns both the profile of beneficiaries to assist, the available resources as well as the participation of the volunteers in the sector. 


To meet the needs of the emergency operations, a team of volunteers developed Minutis, an IT tool adapted to the needs of the French Red Cross and allowing the management of its operational actions (emergency plans, exercises, maraudings, etc.). A software and a smartphone application, Minutis centralises the tools and ensures overall monitoring and traceability of operations. Thanks to such a tool, the Red Cross teams can benefit from essential information such as resource management (status, geolocation) and their composition (staff, vehicles, radio resources), day-to-day management of interventions and victims. With this information being centralised in a single application, the success of their interventions is maximised.

Social impact

« The Intrapreneurship Programme allowed us to solve technical problems thanks to the work of a full-time web developer. Today, our application better answers to the user expectations thanks to new features such as an enhanced traceability and monitoring of people who are supported as well as the digitalisation of activities. 21 also contributed to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and to migrate to a trusted health data hosting company. »

Entrepreneur of 21

Toutes Mes Aides | How artificial intelligence can provide access to social benefits

Cyprien Gèze | HEC graduate in International Tax and Legal Strategy, founder of Toutes Mes Aides


We count more than 6,000 aids and social benefits in France. However, the non-take-up of benefits and social rights is estimated between 40% and 70%, which represents a saving in social spending for the State of 10 to 15 billion euros every year. According to CNRS sociologist-researcher Philippe Warin, the main cause of non-recourse is the lack of information. In other words, the person is not aware that the social benefit exists or does not understand that it is intended for him. In addition, some requests are unsuccessful and people choose not to request for social subsidies because of the complexity of the administrative procedures.


Toutes Mes Aides has developed a digital platform that allows social workers and individuals to identify all the social assistance to which they are entitled. By asking some questions to the user, Lisa is an intelligent robot capable of identifying all the aids to which the person is entitled and presenting them to the user. Once the social benefits have been identified, Toutes Mes Aides supports people in the procedures by filling the administrative form. The application counts 15,000 new visitors each month.

Social impact

“21 offered us the possibility to adapt Toutes Mes Aides to social service assistants and social workers. The objective is to support and facilitate the social work done by professionals and volunteers, both in terms of identification and obtention of social benefits. As part of this pilot, we tested our solution on the ground, to which we would never have accessed without the support of the French Red Cross. 21 also gave us the opportunity to reach a part of the population that would not have had access to this online service without human and social support. « 



The Intrapreneurs & Entrepreneurs of 21

  • Cyprien GezeToutes Mes Aides

  • Cyprien NobleCroix-Rouge Mobilités

  • Gérard LeymarieMinutis

  • Juliette GrisotBackPack

  • Maxime BaudetWero

  • Thomas ZuninoT.zic

  • Victoria MandefieldSolinum

  • Virgile AbbondanzaMehandyou

Manifesto of 21

21 is a unique testing ground to develop innovative ideas.

Socio-economic models inherited from the XXth century are unable to address today’s challenges. Furthermore, digital and ecological transition affect and further destabilize the evolution of social relations by emphasizing widening disparities. 21 responds to this crisis by investing in grassroots ideas geared to narrowing those gaps. 21 supports their development by leveraging the powerful levers of the French Red Cross: a deep understanding of global territories and its inhabitants’ needs, an unprecedented expertise in health, social, medico-social training and crisis management, and its historical commitment to humanitarianism and its universal values. With its global network of 191 Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the Red Cross is the world’s largest humanitarian and solidarity movement. In France, more than 80,000 actors involved in more than 650 institutions and 1,100 voluntary organizations are gathered together with one common goal.

We offer a unique testing ground to people who want to change the game.

21 is a lever of change for all the operators who want to deploy global solutions with positive social impact.

Anticipating the decline of the welfare state, 21 discovers and crafts new answers by redrawing the balance between the roles and responsibilities of citizens, social operators, enterprises and public authorities. The paradigm shift involves the cultural and organizational transformation of all traditional actors. This shift will allow us to reach the autonomy and the performance we need to succeed in our mission of social utility. By creating a label for these creative solutions, 21 facilitates their integration and their deployment by all the operators of the Social and Solidarity Economy.

We support the transformation and growth of operators of social cohesion.

21 is the accelerator that allows RC and its operatives to define the 21st century through social progress.

21 operates with the conviction that the development of civic or entrepreneurial initiatives is the key to sustainably fight against inequalities, precariousness and exclusions. The ambition of 21 is to reinvent the notion of « social progress » by providing a systemic and global solution, in which individuals are the first responsible for a common and inclusive project. 21 empowers individuals to build a society beyond institutions and organizations, where they are the primary drivers of change. 

We call on all citizens to contribute to social and human progress.

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